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Helpful Job Seeker Info

How to create a great Hire Platform Profile Page.

When employers advertise a vacancy they are (usually) not expecting miracles. They are looking for competent and reliable people that they can depend on to do a good job for them.

Employers won’t usually waste time interviewing candidates that clearly don’t have the skills they are looking for. So check that you meet their selection criteria before you waste your time applying for their job.

If you decide to apply for a job vacancy, we encourage you to create your own confidential Hire Platform Profile Page. This will give you the opportunity to ‘virtually’ introduce yourself to the potential employer first.

Effectively, you will forward to them a “complete package” which will encompass your resume, a short bio, an introductory video, and you may also attach a cover letter.

Your Profile Page is set out in a very clear and professional manner and will demonstrate that you are a competent and professional person.

How do I create a Hello Video?

Your task now is to present yourself to a potential employer in a pleasant and friendly way using video. This will allow the employer to get a better picture of who you are and whether they would like to learn more about you.

Here’s what to do.

Plan out what you would like to say in your introduction. Think about what a potential employer would like to know about you and use this as a guide. It might take a few ‘takes’ to produce a video that you are happy with. Remember, they are not looking for movie stars or superheros, just good, reliable staff!

Say something like:

“Hello, my name is < insert full name here! > and I am looking for work in the hospitality industry.

I have had 5 years experience working in a busy café / bar on the High Street, and I was responsible for waiting tables and tending the bar.

I really love this kind of work and I would love to come and work for you. ( ... at < insert employer’s name here >)*.

I am available to start from next week. I hope to hear from you.”

Also, remember the following:

  • Relax, smile and speak clearly.

  • Make sure there is minimal background noise.

  • Try to keep the video camera / phone still.

  • Keep a positive spin on what you say.

  • Do not exceed 30 seconds of video time.

  • Introduce yourself using your full name.

  • Make sure you look neat and tidy.

  • Again, relax and smile.


Hire Platform allows you to create up to 4 different profile pages. This will be useful if you are applying for different jobs which require considerably different information. For instance, you might be looking for bar work in the evenings and an administrative position during the day. In this case it would be helpful to tailor two different profile pages for these two positions.

When tailoring your Profile Pages you are creating a specific page for a specific employer, and it will be viewed by that employer only.

However, if for example, you are sending out 4 applications for 4 positions that are all very similar, such as bar work, you may decide to create a generic video that does not address any particular employer.

Please contact us if you require any clarification about this. We will endeavour to respond to all correspondence within 24 hours.

Great Tips for Resume Writing

When writing your resume keep in mind that, these days, we all have short attention spans! To entice busy potential employers who will, on average, only spend a few seconds looking at your resume, you will need to communicate a lot of information in a very clear and concise way.

If your resume is well written and well set out then this will encourage the reader to look a little further. If you have successfully aroused their interest, you are more likely to get a call to attend an interview.

Your resume is the single most important document you will provide to a potential employer. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you write a resume that’s enticing, and that won’t end up on the ‘rejected’ pile unnecessarily.

Your resume needs to reflect the role you are applying for

Different roles require different skills so make sure your resume lists all the relevant skills for the position you are applying for. Anything on your resume that is irrelevant will waste the reader’s time. So make sure your resume is customised and concise.

Do not assume that the reader knows exactly what you mean. If you have not demonstrated in your resume that you have all the skills required to succeed in the job you are applying for, you will be overlooked.

Don’t expect the reader to interpret what you mean, spell it out!

It is vitally important that you don’t give readers the opportunity to overlook anything on your resume. Make sure that all your relevant skills are clearly stated.

Don’t be afraid to boast about what you can offer the job. It is better to oversell yourself than to fail to make the short-list.

Display the most important information at the top

Since the reader is likely to only spend a few seconds skimming the top of your resume, make sure the most important information is near the top. Don’t hide important details further down where they can be easily overlooked. This will help the recruiter focus on what they are looking for and what you have to offer.

Format your resume in a visually attractive way

Does your resume look good on the page? Never underestimate the power of a great page layout. Try to avoid cluttered text, and where possible, use wide margins and good spacing between paragraphs. Bullets and numbering are easy to read and break up big chunks of text making skimming easier.

Avoid silly mistakes

Silly layout, typing and spelling errors will make it easy for an employer to discard you as a candidate for their vacancy. Your resume must not only look and feel good, but must also be filled with great content. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, missing information, too much information and words or sections that are out of place all contribute to increasing the chances of your resume being dumped into the discarded pile. You will significantly increase your chances of getting the job if your resume is flawless.

Top 5 Tips for an Outstanding Resume

While we are all aware of the basics of a good resume - straightforward layout in addition to correct grammar and spelling - it is the finer details which may take your resume from the ‘Maybe’ pile to the "We want to interview this person"!

Check out my top 5 tips for creating an outstanding resume which sets you above the rest.


This may seem like a pretty obvious suggestion but you would be surprised how many people will submit a resume when they haven’t even taken a look at the job description. Read through it and then highlight common areas throughout your resume. I would like to say that you can send through the same resume for each job within your field but unfortunately this isn’t the case - you will need to tweak your resume for each job you apply for.


When you are going through the job description also take a look at the website and any official documents - these may provide you with industry ‘buzz’ words which you can use throughout your resume. When the employer is conducting a word search throughout the applications these keywords will be highlighted, therefore showcasing to your potential employer the research you have conducted into the background of the company and the role itself.


A profile is a short summary of your skills and expertise - believe me when you go through your work experience you will be surprised at what you can include in this. This may also include any relevant qualifications you have achieved. Don’t think that you need to write an essay - your profile should be short and straight to the point. Your aim is to grab your potential employers’ attention at the very start of your resume, enticing them to read through the rest of the document.


If you have profiles which are relevant to your industry, whether this is through Facebook, Twitter or even a blog, include these as hyperlinks on your electronic resume. While I do need to stress that this will only be beneficial if they are relevant, it has the ability to showcase certain skills which you may have discussed within your resume. If you have a blog your potential employer will be able to see first-hand your written skills. It can also highlight a level of interest within your industry especially if you utilise your accounts to keep up to date on industry news.


Once you have shown the employer why professionally you are the best person for the job - highlight why you are the best individual to join the company. Include a section where you can briefly talk about your interests. Any particular hobbies you may have, sports interests, associations you may be a member of, these all provide an insight into who you are as a person and allows the potential employer to get to know the real you.